Website Launches (Still An Ongoing Process)

4 July 2017

The site you are seeing is Draft One of our live website layout. While a lot of functionality is unfinished, and will remain so while I work on PHP, this will become the new source for information relating to the server and its circumstances.

I know it's been a long time coming, but thank you for sticking with me. I plan to update our Steam concurrently, and the site as a whole will drastically improve as I take steps forward in Javascript and PHP.

Your Guide to the New Website

4 July 2017

I thought it would be good to include a summary of this site's content, including what's currently here and what isn't here, but is ultimately planned. The thing that I'm missing is not time, but knowledge. To get any information to the site in real time, I need to use Javascript or PHP, which means that at its start, this website is mostly static- all information is changed manually and uploaded by me:

Where your journey starts.
This will be relatively featureless. It includes a link to my in-development sister-site
It also includes the login form, which is temporarily inactive. I'll eventually connect it to a database and get and store player information, but that's tied to our forum, which is also not developed yet.

You're here currently!
This includes our server status (currently manually handled, but will be linked to the server later) and any relevant news. For now, this is all typed up in HTML and uploaded to our host.

Have you ever wondered what the deal is with our multi-world server? What the staff is doing if they're not playing survival? Even what we hope to become?
Wonder no more. The About section has you covered. It outlines our mission, our lore, and our soul- what we are, at our core.
We can't tell you everything though, some information are meant to be kept, some nuggets meant to be discovered.

This is broken down into several pages, and could even evolve into a wiki at some point (with enough time and knowledge).
It's your place to learn about staff, commands, and really anything else we can afford to cover. I imagine it will expand quite a bit over time.

Consider this our progress tracker and changelog for minigames and our adventure map. It includes names and progress on various adventure locations, and well as any possible problems encountered in the development of each area. It also summarizes each area- giving a minor sneak peek.

Planned features:
Forum for feedback and player/staff communication
A staff portal accessible only by moderators which includes player logs and other useful information
A way for players to vote, and a way for activity on the site to cause in-game benefits
A quiz section which will be a fun distraction and also lead to in-game benefits